Sunday, 28 December 2014

Grimes: Christmas II/The Grinch (2014)

So, apparently it's a tradition now that every Christmas, Grimes and her step-brother record a "Christmas" song to avoid doing the whole family Christmas dinner thing. I put that in inverted commas because their last one of these was….pretty un-Christmassy. I wasn't able to justify putting it on my annual mix CD, because the only thing it really has to do with Christmas is its name.

Luckily for me (a bit of a Grimes fan) they've just released another one via her tumblr - and it's kind of awesome. From what I can tell, Christmas in the Grimes/Worthy household is a bit of a rager. This will be on my 2015 mix for sure. Check it out:

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Patti Smith: O Holy Night (2013)

Patti Smith is probably - no, definitely - my favourite artist of all time. So when I heard that she was going to be performing at this year's Vatican Christmas Concert (which, truthfully, I know nothing about) I was pretty excited, anticipating some new Christmas songs from Ms. Smith to add to the collection. (If you haven't heard her covers of 'White Christmas' and 'We Three Kings', you should track those down.)

Well, the concert was yesterday, and I can find zero news about it or videos from it. However, I did come across the following video of Patti performing 'O Holy Night' at last year's concert. I don't know what on earth was with all the press freaking out about Patti Smith performing at this year's concert ("Didn't she sing "Jesus died for somebody's sins, but not mine" all those decades ago? What's she doing singing for the pope?!") if she did the exact same thing last year, but there you go. The press is weird.

Anyway, Patti's version of 'O Holy Night' is absolutely beautiful. So…does the Vatican sell recordings of their concerts or whatever? Is that a thing? Because this is going straight onto next year's mix if I can get my hands on a copy!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Christopher Lee: Darkest Carols, Faithful Sing (2014)


After a second of mental processing, I yelled back: "AS IN SARUMAN?!"

Yeah. As in Saruman.

Apparently this isn't even his first foray into heavy metal Christmas music; in both 2012 and 2013 he released Christmas EPs, A Heavy Metal Christmas and A Heavy Metal Christmas Too. I mean…this is just my new favourite thing. (Also: why am I only just hearing about his first album now? I am not the esteemed alternative Christmas music expert I thought I was, clearly.)

Now, I just want to be clear: heavy metal isn't really my bag, and this is…not….great music. But that's sort of what makes it the best thing ever?

Anyway….yeah. This is a thing. You can buy the single via iTunes and Amazon, if you're game.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Shannon and the Clams: Ruin Christmas (2010)

My boyfriend and I just put up the tree in our little apartment; of course decorating tunes were required. While I've collected a handful of Christmas records over the last few years, my stash is mostly digital. Truth is, I've never decorated my own place before now, as I'm always at my parents' over Christmas. This year was the first year my records, my record player and I were in the same place for "Decorating Day". My vinyl collection is meagre (you can see the entire pile below) but one addition I acquired earlier in the year was very welcome - Shannon and the Clams Ruin Christmas.

I'm not going to pick a favourite track; they're all amazing. But I'll leave you with this:

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Joan Jett, Blackhearts & Friends: Silent Night (2008)

To kick things off, I thought I would share what is possibly my very favourite track in my collection. Every time I come across a track to add to my library that is totally obscure or fucked up I get a little bit of a thrill. You can imagine how I felt when I came across this one: a bunch of artists from Joan Jett's Blackheart label covering Silent Night, interspersed with snippets from Back Obama's victory speech, and outtakes from John McCain's concession speech. (This is probably even more obtuse when you consider I'm Australian.)

It doesn't make any sense, and I love it.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Hey! Ho! Let's Go!

I have a lot of feels when it comes to Christmas music.

Every year - going on officially now for maybe the last five years and unofficially for a lot longer - I make a Christmas mix CD for family and friends. It's an art form, I like to facetiously tell friends who don't really care. In my fine-tuning of this year's track list (it's a process) I came across a wealth of underground Christmas music blogs. At first I was pissed - why has it taken me this long to find such a treasure trove? And then I got kind of excited. Because maybe - just maybe - underground Christmas music bloggers are kind of….my people? And even though it seems like they've got the field covered, maybe there's something I can bring to my table.

So, here goes nothing. I have no idea what form this blog will take, and no idea where to start. After all, I've been collecting these tunes for about a decade now, give or take. But I'll muddle along until I figure it out, I guess.

And, since I know I always like to feel vaguely invested in the authors of my favourite blogs, I offer these fact-crumbs to you for consumption right off the bat: I'm an Aussie grrrl in my mid-twenties. Shortbread is my cocaine. And this is, quite possibly, my very favourite Christmas song of all time: